China Hot selling Light-Weight Foldable CHINAMFG Transport Chair vacuum pump oil

Product Description

Al.Manual Wheelchair
/Transport Chair
Frame: Al.double cross brace
Front Wheel: 8″, PU
Rear wheel: 8″, PU
Seat & Backrest: Foldable backrest and quick release,Nylon+foam
Foot Rest:Hight Adjustable,Plastic
Front Fork: Aluminum

-Frame and backrest foldable for easy storage and transportation
-Hand brake for added safety, providing users with better control
-Nylon seat and back upholstery for enhanced comfort
-6″ front wheels and 22″ rear wheels for smooth maneuverability
-Equipped with a safety belt to increase safety during use
-Arms can be turned over, allowing for easy transfers in and out of the wheelchair



  • The Al.Manual Wheelchair offers numerous benefits to users:
  • Convenient folding design enables easy storage and transport, making it ideal for travel
  • Hand brake ensures added safety, giving users peace of mind while using the wheelchair
  • Nylon seat and back upholstery provide a comfortable seating experience, even during extended periods of use
  • 6″ front wheels and 22″ rear wheels allow for smooth and effortless maneuverability, ensuring users can navigate various terrains with ease
  • The safety belt provides an additional layer of security, preventing accidents and ensuring user stability
  • The ability to turn over the arms facilitates easy transfers, allowing users to move in and out of the wheelchair without difficulty


Experience the freedom and independence that the Al.Manual Wheelchair offers. Invest in this reliable mobility solution today!


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            Customized: Non-Customized
            Certification: ISO, CE, FDA
            Condition: New
            Tilted: Non-Tilted
            Folded: Folding
            Leg Rest Type: Both Sides Separate


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